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DUMBO Poster Released! Big Eyes Looks at Old DUMBO Animation

Well looky here. We have the official poster for DUMBO!

Looking quite Burtonesque! I’m certain Tim Burton had a heck of a fun time playing with the circus theme. I bet you he did something crazy with the “Pink Elephants” song. He would be crazy not to! That scene was pure nightmare fuel!

Of all of the live-action reboots Disney animations are getting, I feel that this is one that could actually deserve it. It came out 77 years ago! Compared to BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and ALADDIN which came out in the 90s, DUMBO could seriously use an update from the 1940s. I’m referring to, of course, that “good ole fashion family racism”. It’s not possible to show that old animation anywhere because of the group of crows in it. I wonder if they will/have censored it like they did in FANTASIA where they just completely erased an offensive character in there. Perhaps not, looking at this clip there’s too much interaction with the crows. And their song is a big part of the movie.


I’m probably going to get hell for saying this: but I honestly think the crow characters are rather likeable, the only problem is that they are represented as crows. Perhaps the way to fix this is to recolor some of the birds. Or are their personalities considered offensive too?

If Disney were to try to fix this, what do you guys think they should do?

Also, are you excited for the new DUMBO movie?

~Big Eyes

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