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Check Out out the New TOY STORY 4 Teaser UPDATED w/ Key & Peele!!!

Check out the "reaction video" with Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele!



Morning, geeks!

Watch the new TOY STORY 4 Teaser here!

While nostalgia continues to ravage the US with distractions from the crazy world we live in today, a third sequel to TOY STORY really is of no surprise. The TOY STORY 3 tied up the franchise quite nicely. If they wanted to continue the story of the toys for a cash grab, well, I really think a TV series would have been a good idea. Kind of like well LION GUARD is doing, a TV series spun off of THE LION KING. Bringing that up, though, we could consider the live action remake for the LION KING and apply that to TOY STORY… the results of that may very well be terrifying. Or it just probably wouldn’t look that much different except Andy will be a real boy!

But yeah, who knows. Pixar is known for making good movies, though originality is where their strength truly lies. I think somewhere between CARS 2 and COCO shamelessly ripping off BOOK OF LIFE, Pixar is losing/has lost steam. The writers and creators are getting old and tired, the company was established in 1986. Time for some new talent to get in there, the trouble is finding the right ones. By no means, am I saying it’s a simple task.

TOY STORY 4 is coming in 2019.

~Big Eyes


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