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V Falls Into a TIME TRAP

TIME TRAP falls squarely into the latest wave of intelligent Independent Sci-Fi. Like UPGRADE, EX MACHINA and just about every BLACK MIRROR episode, TIME TRAP takes a brilliant idea that would seem simple, in this case, the search for the Fountain of Youth, and raises the stakes. 
Written and Directed by Ben Foster and Mark Dennis, TIME TRAP is a good film. A marquees idea with matinee execution. This is not exactly a bad thing as it gives the film certain charms that are denied some of its predecessors in the genre. TIME TRAP is an intelligent fun film playing in a field that runs deep and dark on context and ambiance. It does not constantly brood over its audience the importance of its syntax. No, TIME TRAP challenges you to think while having a great time.
So why is this film good, rather than great? The talents of the cast and crew are all full of potential. I could see any one of them breaking out and starring in a huge film, maybe even one by these same filmmakers, this just isn't it. The pacing is just a bit off, but not entirely incompetent. The script gives in to exposition at times when the visual medium of this tale could best be served by silence. 
This feels like a Grade A effort of a film that will be looked back upon as the duo move on to greater titles with the skill, poise, and confidence honed in the making of this film. There will be a cult following for this film if this effort has helped give all involved their sea legs. Ben Foster and Mark Dennis are rising stars to be watched. I can not wait to see what follows. 
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