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Another Fad Becomes a Movie! ESCAPE ROOM

If you haven’t tried an escape room yet, I would recommend it as they can be pretty fun. Especially for those who love puzzles! Generally an escape room is where you get put into a room with your friends, you are given some sort of backstory about the location, and you must solve puzzles within it to escape! Escape rooms have been growing in popularity in the past five years or so, I’m surprised that the haven’t made a movie sooner.

Although this is a fad based movie, I’m pretty interested in seeing it. I do like puzzles. To have something that I do occasionally with friends turned into an epic adventure on the screen is appealing. “Find the clues or die!” Because some other straight to DVD movie also titled ESCAPE ROOM already used the tagline “Solve the puzzle or die!” So I guess, apparently, they did make one sooner than I thought.

Catch ESCAPE ROOM in theaters this January!

~Big Eyes

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