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Hungarian Superhero Film "CAPTAIN FLAME" New Teaser is a Beautiful Homage to the 1980's! Watch Now!


 Hola Dannie aqui,

Today AICN received a press release and a teaser from director Balazs Hatvani for the Hungarian superhero film "Captain Flame." The teaser is a genuine love letter to action cinema from the 1980's and oozes a schlocky coolness. This is obvious by looking at the above promotional art, which I love.  I can see this film being a hit at Fantastic Fest or any of the like-minded fun film fests across the country. 


Be prepared to meet "Captain Flame" here is the wicked awesome trailer!

Here is what the press release had to say about "Captain Flame."

Captain flame is a fantasy-comedy movie made in the style of the VHS-era.

The movie takes places in the 1980's and stars Hungarian actors, who are the top „dubbing voice actors” of the foreign movies in Hungary.

ABOUT THE ACTORS Peter Minarovits (Captain Flame) started his career in the early 80's as a child actor, he was the Hungarian dubbing voice of Sean Astin in the cult movie „Goonies”, just as the voice of Indy from „The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones”, and John Connor's from Terminator 2. He is the Hungarian voice of the young Han Solo from movie „Solo- a Star Wars story”, and currently he is working on the dubbing process of the new Disney movie, „Wreck it Ralph 2.”

Dorina Csifo (Sophie) is the Hungarian dubbing voice of Rapunzel from Disney's „Tangled”, and she is the Hungarian voice of Chloë Grace Moretz, Amber Heard, Anna Kendrick, and Amanda Seyfried.

The rest of the cast are: Gabor Harsanyi (Joe Pesci's Hungarian dubbing voice), Andras Borbiro (Pennywise's Hungarian voice from Stephen King's IT), Borcsa Erdős (Brickleberry), Peter Petrik (the Hungarian voice of „Chunk” in Goonies, Honey, I shrunk the kids!) ,Zsolt Zagoni, Karoly Kassai (Jackie Chan's Hungarian voice), Peter Beregi (Danny DeVito's Hungarian voice) or Peter Szokol (Randy Marsh's voice in the Hungarian version of South Park).

ABOUT THE DIRECTOR Directed by Balazs Hatvani, who is working on the Sci-fi project „Thelomeris” with Mark Hamill (Star Wars) onboard, and who worked with Tim Curry, Lance Henriksen, Sean Young and Michael Winslow in his previous project „Gingerclown 3D” which has acquired by Lionsgate Entertainment. Currently he is working on „Captain Flame” and he is also the writer/director of the upcoming series „Two Minutes To Midnight”, with Jim Hanks (Forrest Gump, Toy Story Video Game), Carel Struycken (Addams Family, Twin Peaks, Gerald's Game) and John Kassir (Tales from the Crypt).

Producers: Peter Minarovits, Gabor Mengyi, Balazs Hatvani


The synth-wave music of the movie is composed by ENVO, and the original songs are written by Grayson Hugh (Thelma and Louise, Fried Green Tomatoes).

Grayson Hugh – Talk it over :



Grayson Hugh – I can’t unite from you:

SYNOPSIS: The story takes place in a fictional city, somewhere in the 1980's, the day before Christmas.

CAPTAIN FLAME (Peter Minarovits) is a cynical, miserable superhero with a useless skill: he can light a small flame at the end of his index fingers, but can't control it. It's barely enough to light a cigarette sometimes. He is mostly drinking at the end of the days, and he hates everything and everyone around him. He is living with his alcoholic dog, Blurpy, in a small, cockroach-filled apartment, and his main job is to slice raw fishes in a local factory with his friend SPEEDY (Andras Borbiro).

The city is in big trouble, crime and violence are everywhere, and even the evil sociopath ULRICH „THE PISSER” (Peter Petrik) is lurking in the dark alleys - to impress his wife NADINE (Borcsa Erdos). Anarchist punks are trying to destroy the city, the leader of the gangs - XERXES (Zsolt Zagoni) - is keeping the citizens in terror and fear. One day Captain Flame accidentally save the life of the beautiful reporter, SOPHIE (Dorina Csifo), and he becomes the savior of the city.

Now the time has come to bring order to the chaos, and CAPTAIN FLAME is the last chance to save the town.


Anyone can support the movie through Patreon:



Well, what do all of you out there in Geeklandia think of this Christmas nuevo-classic superhero film? I for one am praying for an American release, because this film would be a great midnight movie alongside some friends, popcorn, and beers! 


Stay Strong, Live Good, Love Movies!

Dannie aka Pekosa Peligrosa







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