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"Gotham" Season 5 Trailer


Hola Dannie aqui, 

 The trailer for season 5 of "Gotham" my favorite DC television show came out, and I can not wait to see the upcoming season! The trailer recaps the chaos of season 4 and gives us a flickering glimpse of a Gotham that has gotten quite a bit bleaker than ever before. It is with a heavy heart that I must report this has been announced as the final season of the show, which means we will be saying goodbye to some damn fine characters that I have grown very attached to over the years. It is genuinely a bat-bummer.

Here is the trailer for season 5 of "Gotham."

"Gotham" season 5 will be premiering in 2019. How many of you cyber surfers love this show and hate to see it end? DC gets a lot of criticism from fans cinematically and in the world of television, but I simply can not understand how anyone could hate this show. "Gotham" is a beautifully made series with casting that is absolutely perfect. Fight me.

Stay Strong, Live Good, Love Movies!

Dannie aka Pekosa Peligrosa

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