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DRAGON BALL, now that’s something I haven’t gotten to talk about on AICN yet! Alongside SAILOR MOON, they were my portals to filler anime. Over time, I eventually learned to quit doing that to myself after getting so far into NARUTO SHIPPUDEN. But as anything you watched a lot as a kid, it will always have a special place in your heart. Even though I tried to trek through DRAGON BALL SUPER, and it reached astounding levels of stupid, I still watched over a hundred episodes in and am thinking about picking it back up. I’m afraid to check how many are out now. At least the first opening theme was catchy! The power of nostalgia is unfathomable.

Anyways, BROLY is the third movie to be released from the SUPER incarnation of DRAGONBALL, making the 20th movie addition to the DRAGON BALL franchise. Apparently fans are upset because it appears that some background on Planet Vegeta before it was destroyed by Frieza, or Freezer, appears to have some inconsistencies with both the manga written by creator Akira Toriyama himself, and the older anime DRAGON BALL Z. Does it really fucking matter, though? As I watched through DRAGON BALL SUPER, it appears the only thing that really matters is the action and not a coherent storyline. And it’s freaking a freaking Broly movie, no less. The most popular villain created of any of the DRAGON BALL movies. Check out the trailer here!


I’m digging the rougher art style they have adapted for this movie. I did find myself thinking that the TV series was looking a bit too blocky for my taste. It just doesn’t hold the same kind of personality the hand drawn art of the old episodes held, but the style in the new movie is looking great!

Of course I’m going to see this garbage. DRAGON BALL SUPER: BROLY hits theaters in Japan December 14th 2018, and in U.S. January 16, 2019.

~Big Eyes


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