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Jiffy Pop Sees Nazi-Zombie Film "OVERLORD"

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Today AICN received our second review from Jiffy Pop, and this time he's absolutely popping with delight from seeing the new Nazi-zombie flick "OVERLORD." Scroll on to hear what Jiffy had to say!

Jiffy pop here with another fabulous review.

This time I’m going to be saying things that I wish I would’ve said about the Predator when it aired at TIFF.


This was a simple trip to New York and my first time at, Comicon in New York where I had woken up at 7 AM to go pick up my passes went back to the hotel and then back to, con at 10 AM when the doors opened.


Of course, I was amazed by what I saw! Geek fandom in the flesh in front of me with distractions in every single direction that actually makes you sick there’s so much to see and so much to do. It’s a dystopia of geek pallets flying in your face from every direction.


Paramount had a booth set up at the entrance where you would scan your pass and have the chance to win two passes for a screening of "Overlord" and I had remembered a lot of us seeing this trailer last month, a movie produced by JJ Abrams with a newcomer director at the helm. And boy is this director Julius Avery is someone to keep our eyes on. From the little we saw from the trailer it seemed we have a Nazi zombie movie in our hands.


Another perfect example of what happens when the studios listen to their fans. I don’t know the logistics of how this film came to be or where the pitch or script came from all I knew was it was Nazi zombies and we all love seeing the beats put on Nazis.


I haven’t seen Nazis being killed this well since Inglorious Bastards.


 Furthermore, these are the Nazi villains and Ss officers we loved in Raiders of the Lost Ark and games like Wolfenstein.


Actually, I’m not gonna stop here... this movie is Wolfenstein,  Raiders of the Lost Ark, Resident Evil, 28 days later, Return of the Living Dead and yes even Texas Chainsaw Massacre and you will know exactly what I mean when you see the movie.


The premise is pretty simple and formulaic but the Outcome is basically a World War II film about Americans,  mainly paratroopers being dropped into France during the Allied invasion of Europe To free Europe from those damn Nazis. Of course, we all know the Russians had already taken out most of the German army by the time the Allies showed up but that’s beside the point! Nazi zombies!


The movie opens up with a kick-ass parachuting insertion from the air which is so well done that you will be sweating your ass off. The movie works so well because you actually believe this is happening during World War II it’s as real as it gets maybe not as good as Saving Private Ryan but they did a great job re-creating the bottles, and what the soldiers were going through when they were dropped in to France In the movie builds on this premise and builds on the characters.


I’m not going to spoil anything for anybody during this quick review I’m just going to say that this movie was fantastic and the fact that the studio screened this 2 months before the release means they know very damn well they have a hit on their hands and God bless all of them for making this movie



This is not the kind of big-budget film the studios usually take chances on and they did... and I really hope this movie makes money and people go and see it with the advanced buzz this movie is going to get because it really is that good.


All the actors including one of the guys from Dead Presidents is in this and I forgot his name sorry... they all do a great job.


The effects are part CGI part practical and it all works in all it’s a bloody bloody glory!


OK, I really can’t say anymore you’ll have to wait for two months!! 


Thanks, Paramount and Jj for the screening! 


Jiffy pop out

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