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Season 2 trailer for "Marvel's Runaways"

 Scene for season 2 of "Marvel's Runaways"s

Hey folks... here's Hulu's trailer for season 2 of "Marvel's Runaways"!


I'm not seeing much here that really has me excited, to be honest. I'm looking forward to the Big Event (no spoilers here), which I think will be what ends season 2, or perhaps is it's mid-season moment. But the trailer itself? The only bits that really interest me so far are Old Lace being overzealous and the team fighting each other. Hey, am I being an old fuddy-duddy, or is the rap in the background just incredibly off for this material?

Scene for season 2 of "Marvel's Runaways"

The entire second season run of "Marvel's Runaways" premieres December 21st on Hulu.

-- Precious Roy

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