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Netflix is Going Interactive! Choose-your-own-adventure BLACK MIRROR?

Evening, geeks!

Here’s something interesting that I didn’t see coming. Apparently Netflix has been testing out interactive events on some of their kids shows. Plot points show up and you get to make the decision of which way it goes! I guess the trails went over all well enough, because now they’re branching out into trials on adult shows like BLACK MIRROR. So far, it will only be a single episode of that from the upcoming season.

Though, I seriously recommend they slow down a bit. I went to go try one of those interactive shows. PUSS IN BOOK, was recommended but then I saw there was a freaking STRETCH ARMSTRONG BREAKOUT series, and the 90s kid in me opted for that. (Yeah, I know that Stretch Armstrong is originally from the 70s, but there was a resurgence in the early 90s with a new design.)

The interactive play was kind of fun for a bit. However, I ran into an error not even five minutes in that forced me to back out of the whole thing. Fortunately I was able to resume from where I was at, but I was already turned off of it from that experience. I didn't even get to see anybody stretch!

I’m certain that they’ll have the kinks wrinkled out by the time they roll out interactive television for adults.

The kids shows only offered two options when it came to making decisions. From what I understand, what will be available on the interactive episode of BLACK MIRROR will be “more complicated”. So what, three or four options? This will be playing like a Telltale(RIP) game.

You can read more at Bloomberg!

Do you guys want to be able to interact with your TV, or just freaking watch it? The future is weird, and wide open.

~Big Eyes


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