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DC’s BIRDS OF PREY Dated for 2020!

Evening, geeks!

DC just moved up their release date for BIRDS OF PREY up to February 2020, according to Deadline.

Just last week there were reports that BIRDS OF PREY is intended to be a movie of Harley Quinn’s “all-girl gang”. Margot Robbie reprises her role as the same Harley Quinn from suicide squad.

There are currently few actresses being considered for the role of Huntress: Sofia Boutella (HOTEL ARTEMIS), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (10 CLOVERFIELD LANE), and Margaret Qualley (ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD).

For Rene Montoya, actresses in the run for the role are Justina Machado (ONE DAY AT A TIME), and Roberta Colindrez. “Montoya is a lesbian detective on the Gotham City police force.” Yay girl power?
Black Canary could be either Gugu Mbatha-Raw(gesundheit) or Jurnee Smollett-Bell!

The comic book series BIRDS OF PREY portrays a team up between Black Canary and Barbara Gordon when she took on the name Oracle. Eventually the teamup expanded to include many other superheroines! The group originated in Gotham, but moved operations to Metropolis. The Birds of Prey team had their first appearance in Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey in 1995. There were three volumes of BIRDS OF  PREY, running from 1999 to May of 2018.

There was also a BIRDS OF PREY TV  series that lasted for only a season back in 2002.

So is DC moving into a direction where we have 20 theater Jokers accompanied by all DC women? WONDER WOMAN was such a hit, they better cling to something, right? What if they drop Jared Leto’s Joker altogether for Joaquin Phoenix and pair him with Harley instead? Oof, that actually seems kinda creepy.

~Big Eyes

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