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'Short Treks' series gives some added dimension to "Star Trek: Discovery" season 2!


Hey, folks! Rotten Tomatoes TV brings word that "Star Trek: Discovery" is doing "Short Treks", a series set in the Discovery continuity. Over the next 4 months, one short film will premiere each month:

  • "Runaway", premiering October 4th
  • "Calypso", premiering November 8th
  • "The Brightest Star", premiering December 6th
  • "The Escape Artist", featuring the return of Rainn Wilson as Harry Mudd, premiering January 3rd

I was bummed when Marvel gave up on the short features for the MCU once they moved to television. This is a great way to try out new directors and give supporting characters more story. Looking forward to seeing Mudd suffer in January!

-- Precious Roy

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