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 Hola Dannie aqui,

 Today is the day we announce the winners of our 1986 TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE CONTEST! This was a ton of fun for all of us here at AICN if it was up to me you all would have tickets, alas we only had 10 to give away. I included not only the winners but runners-up too, each winner is labeled a winner and should be expecting an email from the PR team so keep an eye on your inboxes. I hope you all enjoy this outpouring of Autobot love! This was a hoot, we all at AICN enjoyed y'alls creativity and enthusiasm.




Ty was a spoiled spoiled boy. I have watched this about seven times and I continually laugh!  



Ty's Kid's video this friggin' AWESOME. Parenting done right!



Rob playing his smooth saxophone!



Here is a family, that is more than meets the eye! The Champion Family all 5 are going to 1986's Transformers:  The Movie! (Not Joking their last name is CHAMPION!) Kudos to the Dad for being crafty! Again, parenting done right!






Here is some high art from Talk Backer Ebob's twisted noodle! Sculpture made out of enriched pasta.



 Here we have P.H.D. Doug geeking out on very little sleep after having twins!



Here we have a beautiful pastel drawing from Scott!


Here are some of the other entries, I wish I had more tickets to give away.  I am so proud of everyone who participated! 


So here are the runners-up entries!


First up are some Haiku's 


Ode to Autobots

Titans transforming
Trucks, jets, guns, cars, dinos fight
Hidden in plain sight

by-Rogeno T. Mahor


Here is my Haiku of love for Transformers The Movie.
The O G Matrix
Prime dies and Hot Rod now leads
Who saw that coming?
by- Stefan Gearhart
Next up we have some nice Photoshop entries!

The above was submitted by Mr. Davenport really nice work


Here above is Eunice's overwhelming Photoshop


The above image is courtesy of Don Wood


I absolutely love this one from Mr. Hsiao it is TREMENDOUSLY hilarious!

Above we have Kevin Geeking on his ringtone!


Above is a music video we will be closing the article with made by Mistah Foe, here's what he had to say-

"Here's a music video i made 2 years ago in honor of its anniversary.
I'm not really interested in winning anything, but a shoutout be it good or bad will suffice."
Again AICN would like to thank everyone who participated in the Contest, keep your eyes on AICN for more to come! Also I would like to thank Big Eyes for making the Bumble Bee Animation on the site!
Stay Strong, Live Good, Love Movies!
Dannie aka Pekosa Peligrosa
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