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Rise of the Animu - What If RICK AND MORTY and SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS Were Anime? Brilliant Parodies!

Evening, geeks!

A bug was dropped into my ear and we thought you’d guys would get a kick out of these. There’s been a rising trend/meme of American cartoons being taken and warped into fanmade anime openings. A lot of them have been pretty spot-on with the anime formulamatics.

First, let’s check out the RICK AND MORTY opening. It seems to be channeling a bit of the anime YURI ON ICE! Which is an anime starring an ice skater named Yuri and his...let’s say older coach and the blossoming romance between the two.


Next, we have this SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS parody which has been around for much longer. All you need in your life is Patrick’s thong, and all of the gay love we all already knew was there.


Sorry folks, you can’t get that time back. You have been ruined by the internet now. I find both of these hilarious and worth sharing, hopefully you will too!

~Big Eyes


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