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CAPTAIN MARVEL trailer soars in! Update: And here is the poster!

Hey folks! Gather 'round for the CAPTAIN MARVEL trailer!


Been pretty excited for this ever since Entertainment Weekly dropped those first images... hoping we would see Jude Law as Mar-Vell, or Gemma Chan as Minn-Erva, or (squee) the young agent Phil Coulson. Two out of three ain't bad, and seeing Larson punch a nice old lady-- or a Skrull posing as one-- is well worth the price of viewing! Holy crap, Jude Law looks great... I knew we'd be seeing the de-aged Nick Fury, and as usual, Marvel does the smart move and turns his dialogue into the narration. WOW.

 I am really in love with the female-centric aspects of this trailer and poster. What I've always notified about Marvel, first as a comics publisher and now as a studio, is that they look at their competition, learn from them, and implement change accordingly. Before WONDER WOMAN and BLACK PANTHER broke records, they weren't even putting out Black Widow toys; now, they are making giant moves. I wonder what some of the ladies I grew up with, who kept their Marvel love mostly hidden until the late nineties, feel about seeing Captain Marvel both on-screen and in focus.


No sign here of Lee Pace returning as Ronan the Accuser (He's in there for a brief moment -W), Djimon Hounsou as Korath, Ben Mendelsohn as Talos, and Annette Bening finally making into a superhero franchise (she missed out on BATMAN RETURNS due to pregnancy).


UPDATE: Marvel Studios has also released the first poster for the film. Check it out!




CAPTAIN MARVEL hits theaters March 8th, 2019!



-- Precious Roy


Wheels here for a minute. I really liked the trailer. Punching old lady Skrulls, video stores, Jackson and Larson in a remake of THELMA AND LOUISE... Seriously though, there is a lot to like about this trailer and it's clear already that this is going to be huge for Marvel Studios. I've taken a minute to screen cap several moments from the trailer so you guys and gals can get a closer look at some of the cool stuff on display here. Enjoy! - W 

















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