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"I can lead you to the body!" - Check out the trailer for A CROOKED SOMEBODY


Hey, y’all. McEric with a new trailer to share, and this one has everything: murder, a psychic medium, a hotel room. Okay, maybe not everything, but it does have those three things and actually looks pretty cool.


“Better to be an honest somebody than a crooked nobody” is a creed that Michael Vaughn’s father tried once to instill in his son, but this film looks to prove that father doesn’t know best.


Here’s a quick trailer for ya:


I’ll have to admit that this looks like my kind of movie. An opportunistic, morally unscrupulous protagonist. A tortured antagonist. A hair-brained scheme. A game of cat-and-mouse. It’s like a slice of NATURAL BORN KILLERS meets THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN meets the Family Guy episode “Extra Large Medium”. Except, you know, good.



The film tells the story of phony psychic medium Michael Vaughn, whose name even sounds nondescript enough to be believable, played by Rich Sommers (TV’s “Mad Men”, the excellent SUMMER OF 84). He travels around offering vague half-truths in small cramped rooms to entice simpletons into believing in his ability to communicate with the other side. When a guilt-ridden murderer (a steely Clifton Collins. Jr, fresh off his stellar run in HBO’s “Westworld”)  sits in attendance at one of his shows, he buys into the act and kidnaps Vaughn in hopes to communicate with his long-dead victim and beg for forgiveness and peace. As the vulnerable killer confesses all the details of his crime, Vaughn matches them to a high-profile unsolved case, and uses his uncanny knowledge to leverage his career and launch him onto a national stage. The killer, however, takes offense to this, and soon Vaughns delusions are matched with paranoia and fear.



This movie concept really intrigues me, and both these actors look to be at the top of their game. The film is directed by Trevor White, who gave us WIND RIVER and INGRID GOES WEST, so the dude knows how to film tension, and the story is co-created by Sommer, himself, who is really turning in one of the most understated and celebratory years on film right now. I personally can’t wait to catch this flick.


A CROOKED SOMEBODY will be released to theaters on October 5th of this year,


Until next time, I’ll see you at the movies!




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