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A first look at period Irish revenge drama BLACK '47!



Freddy Beans here with news, via DEADLINE.COM, of IFC Films purchasing the rights stateside to BLACK '47.

James Frecheville (ANIMAL KINGDOM) stars as the vengeful Irishman fighting against the British in 1847.  IFC will release BLACK 47 in the U.S. on Sept. 28th.  Lance Daly directed this one and co-wrote with Eugene O’Brien and Pierce Ryan off a story by P.J. Dillon.  Hugo Weaving also stars along with Stephen Rea, Sarah Greene, and Jim Broadbent.


Set in 1847 Ireland during the Great Famine (NOTE*** I had written a joke here that was unintentionally insensitive. I sincerely apologize for that. -FB) Feeney (James Frecheville) abandons his post with the British Army to reunite with his family.  That lasts just for a bit as they are brutalized in front of him and the plot of vengeance is revealed.  It’s like an Irish version BRAVEHEART or even GLADIATOR, minus the slave fighting fueled back half and Russell Crowe.


The trailer only makes me want to see it more.



Anyone else ready for a little vengeful historical drama set in the realities of 1847 Ireland?

It’s headed to theaters September 28th whether you are or not!


'Til next time Kids!

- Freddy Beans

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