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Iron Fist trailer is an improvement on the last!

 Finn Jones as IRON FIST

Hey folks... there's a new trailer out for Season 2 of Iron Fist... and it actually looks to be an improvement on the first trailer.

The things that I like the most about this are the Misty Knight's crossover, Colleen Wing, and some of the action sequences-- particularly the knife fight in a restaurant. That's really what I most want to see in Iron Fist... speed and prowess, not punch-outs. Not sure what to make of Davos and Joy Meachum teaming up against Danny... I'm hoping that will be better plotting than it looks like from over here. Oh, and, Iron Fist mask-y time:

Finn Jones in IRON FIST season 2

I have not been a big fan of the Finn Jones Iron Fist. Before I came to work for AICN as a sock-puppet, I live-blogged the premiere and was left with about twelve pages of notes about how badly written and performed Season 1 Danny Rand was. I remember one of those pages being a long, careful dissection of why Netflix Danny is the worst teacher in the history of the world and Colleen Wing a close second. "The Defenders" seemed to call out what sucked so bad about the way he'd been written, and give him a chance to be less of a screamingly bad cliché.

The "Luke Cage" season 2 episode "The Main Ingredient" was the first sign of a Danny I didn't want to see crushed by a moving van, and gave me hope for the future of the character. In the course of the episode, Danny teaches Luke about Chi, and it's a good lesson by someone who is a reasonably good teacher-- a huge improvement over season 1's abusive idiot. Plus, it was just great to see Power Man and Iron Fist team up and do it well, including a variation on the Colossus and Wolverine 'Fastball Special'.

In this trailer, whilst Danny is still angsty about things, he seems to have grown up a bit and is trying to deal with himself. That suits me just fine. Iron Fist: Season 2 streams Friday, September 7th.

-- Precious Roy

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