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As a child, I loved puppets. Some of the earliest films I remember loving were Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, which portray a world where puppets and humans co-exist together. These films opened my mind to the infinite possibilities and experiences that could take place to various conscious beings, regardless if you were made of flesh and bone or felt and wire. A world where one can learn, be who you wanted to be, and accepted you for who you really were once playtime was over.


It’s 1989. A film called Meet The Feebles is released by Peter Jackson which introduces you to some rather unsavory puppet characters while they navigate through the ups and downs of show business. It showed a world more akin to real life; full of porn, lies, sex, uncertainty, and drugs. Its funny, shocking, and downright insane at times. I first saw this film in my late teens and boy, was I surprised. This film opened up another side of puppet-human dynamic.


Cut to 2018. Brian Henson (Muppet Treasure Island), son of the genius Jim Henson, directed THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS which is set to release later this month. It follows a private investigator as he tracks down a murderer who is targeting the cast of a favorite 80’s children's show. Yes, the PI is a puppet. From the trailer, this film seems to be following Jackson’s puppet madness, which promises to be pretty hilarious. Will this film be wholesome? Heck no. Will you learn something about yourself after you see it. Not a chance. What will be delivered will be a great cast (Melissa McCarthy and Elizabeth Banks to name a few), expert puppetry, humor, and foul language.

Here is the trailer-


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