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Actress Sydney Sweeney chats with Freddy Beans about her new movie, ALONG CAME THE DEVIL, and more!


Freddy Beans here with an interview opportunity I had recently with SYDNEY SWEENEY (THE HANDMAID’S  TALE, SHARP OBJECTS, and EVERYTHING SUCKS) who sat down to talk with me recently about her starring role in ALONG CAME THE DEVIL.  A great little horror film in the vein of THE EXORCIST that I definitely recommend you check out! (My Review)


Without any further delay, enjoy!




Sydney Sweeney - Hi [Freddy].



Freddy Beans - Hi Sydney. How are you doing today?



SS -  I’m doing good, how are you?



FB - I’m doing great!  Thank you for taking your time to talk with me today.



SS  - Yeah of course, thank you for talking with me.



FB -My pleasure!  I’m going to jump right into it here.  Please tell me about your character, Ashley, in ALONG CAME THE DEVIL.



SS - Well, Ashley is a teenage girl who has to move in with her aunt to a city her mom grew up in.  She’s alone, … She doesn’t quite feel loved and she wants to connect with her dead mother. So, she and a friend she met at school have a séance and she invites the wrong demon into her life.  And it all goes downhill from there I guess.  [laughs]



FB -Yes, I’d say it definitely goes downhill from there.  [laughs] I love your work in it, you get the opportunity to wear many hats here; naïve waif: shy around the boys, even a seductress at later points.  Then when you’re possessed you have this subtle way of playing out the horrors with blank stares, and then obviously contortion craziness up that church aisle.  What I found really impressive is you’re completely believable in all of them.  Was there ever a point where you scared even yourself in character for this movie or did playing a demon come naturally for you?  [laughs]



SS – [loud laughter] I don’t think I scared myself.  I did make some scary videos and sent them to friends in my make up to scare them.




FB -What was your favorite experience playing Ashley?



SS - My favorite experience was, sneaking up behind team members in full make-up and scaring the shit out of them!



FB – [laughs]  That’s awesome.  What did you dislike the most about playing her?



SS - I don’t think there’s anything I disliked.  But there were painful moments where I had the full eye contacts in my eyes and they had to use numb drops.  For those that don’t know numb drops hurt so horribly that I cried every single time.



FB - What is your favorite horror movie?



SS - I would have to say the original Halloween?



FB -Me too, that’s the best one.  I see you are studying entrepreneurship.  How many years do you have left?



SS - Hopefully I finish this year and I’m done.



FB -Congratulations, quite the accomplishment with this blossoming career on the side. Do you see yourself continuing acting or is this merely a stepping stone.  Do you have bigger dreams?



SS - Yes of course, I have big dreams but I’m going to continue acting.  I believe in this industry as a business and I want to continue to grow my own business.  I don’t’ think because I’m going to school for something else that I will stop being an actress.



FB - I like that.  What are you reading right now?



SS -  OOOOhhhhh.  I am reading some books on the Manson family.



FB – Research or ust learning about the murders in general?



SS - I’m just curious so I’m learning what I can. I’m actually going to Barnes and Nobles to get a few more books today.




 FB - What actress do you look up to most?



SS - I really look up to Amy Adams who I got to work with, Meryl Streep, and Angelina Jolie.



FB - Great actresses, good picks.  I like the broad spectrum there.  When you want to get amped up what is the song you drop?



SS – OOOOHHH.  You know the song “I want to be like Kanye” by The Chainsmokers?  I love that!





 FB - Yep, I know it.  I have kids so I know all the new stuff, whether I want to or not.  I hear it all. [laughs] Favorite all time movie or guilty pleasure?



SS - I have to be honest, I’ve memorized TITANIC.



FB -Really?  Honestly, I have to admit I loved the happy end to that movie. It’s a movie my mom and I caught together in the theaters and that’s pretty rare. What’s the most beautiful place you have visited? 



SS - My secret lake place.



FB - (Cryptic….i’d hide my secret spot too…nicely played Sydney) What’s the most haunting place you’ve visited?


SS - There was this old church in northern California that I went to with signs everywhere warning of the zombie apocalypse.  Everything was all boarded up.  So, I’m pretty sure some sketchy stuff was going on in there.



FB -Awesome.  I want to go there right now and explore.



SS – [laughs]



FB - I only have two more questions for you.  You’ve been such a trooper. Thank you. 



SS - Of course.  Thank you!  These are fun questions.


FB - I’m pretty unique in general, I’m sure it comes across here too. What’s your favorite food?  Like if you were stuck on an island, what could you eat one thing each and every day?


SS - DESSERT! [laughs] …Cookies, ice cream, cupcakes


FB - I hate to admit I’m the same.  Last thing here.  What can we expect next from you Sydney?


 SS - I just wrapped up a movie called BIG TIME ADOLESCENCE with Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly so hopefully that comes out in the next couple months and another project called CLEMENTINE that will be coming out soon also.  And my pilot for EUPHORIA just got picked up so I’m excited to start working on that.  Hopefully when that airs your readers will enjoy it too.


 FB -Well Sydney, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me and our readers today at  I can’t wait to see what you do next.  You’re extremely talented, you own your role in ALONG CAME THE DEVIL with a subtle, natural style that is just perfect for film.



SS - Why, thank you! And Thank you for asking me fun questions for a change.



FB - You’re welcome I’m sure you’re bored to hell doing this all day.  Thank you for having fun with it.  Good luck in the future Sydney!



SS - Thank you, you too!






 ALONG CAME THE DEVIL is currently out in theaters, VOD, and Digital HD now.

Til next time, Kids!



 - Freddy Beans


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