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CHARLIE'S ANGELS cast announced!

 Stewart, Scott, and Balinksa CHARLIE'S ANGELS

Hey folks... the cast of the new CHARLIE'S ANGELS film has been announced!


Kristen Stewart (TWILIGHT), Naomi Scott (POWER RANGERS) and newcomer Ella Balinska round out the 'three little girls who went to the Police Academy' who go on to become international agents of the reclusive and wealthy Charlie Townsend. Elizabeth Banks (PITCH PERFECT 2) is directing as well as playing the new Bosley, from a script written by Banks and David Auburn (THE LAKE HOUSE).

I don't really know these Angels outside of Stewart. Banks is reportedly mixing elements of the original television show and the McG films. Given Banks' knack for comedy, I have a lot of confidence that her films will have respect for the originals without being fettered to them.

Read all about the new CHARLIE'S ANGELS movie at The Hollywood Reporter!

-- Precious Roy

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