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PARADISE PD Gets Away with what FAMILY GUY Wishes They Could

Hey, geeks.

Here’s a FAMILY GUY clone that is unrestricted to the same standards as sitcoms on FOX!

I guess these days to be the only quotable comedy that people take notice to is just to be edgier than the last. Once upon a time THE SIMPSONS was edgy by having a kid talk back to their parents. Now, well, we have dogs snorting coke off of another dog’s eight tits. If I end up watching this show, it’ll be strictly because of that kooky fellow Dana Snyder who voices the old man is involved. You may recognize him as Master Shake from AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE, or The Alchemist from VENTURE BROS.

If the premise wasn’t already evident in the trailer, here’s a quick description: “Animated series about bad cops. Not bad as in corrupt, bad as in under-performing. They aren't first responders, they are the worst responders.”

If the animation style reminds you of the other FAMILY GUY clone, BRICKLEBERRY, it is because it by the same creators: Roger Black and Waco O'Guin.

If this show is up your alley, you can check it out Netflix August 31st!

~Big Eyes

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