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STEVEN UNIVERSE THE MOVIE Teased at San Diego Comic-Con!

Hey geeks, and the five of you out there on this website that care about this subject as much as I do! Cartoon Network revealed a teaser for STEVEN UNIVERSE THE MOVIE at San Diego Comic Con Saturday morning.


It appears that in this movie we will see a new gem that is an evil version of SAILOR MOON, with those dual hair buns. I speculate that this movie will be a huge SAILOR MOON reference, or maybe will maybe come out on Valentine’s Day. There is no official release date just yet.

Things are getting pretty intense with STEVEN UNIVERSE in the series, since Steve and the gems are getting along with Blue and Yellow Diamond now, many fear that it will come to a close soon. We still have yet to meet White Diamond, and I think that may keep the show going for a season or two. We just recently saw another teaser revealing White Diamond’s eyes--STEVEN UNIVERSE teasers are pretty short and vague, the teaseriest of teasers-- so we’ll get to meet her soon.

The next episode we see is titled "Legs From Here to Homeworld". It's rumored to be released in September.

~Big Eyes


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