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GODZILLA: KING OF MONSTERS Trailer Makes You Feel Good! (Update: Now with a clearer look at the SDCC-exclusive poster!)

20 years ago, America tried their hand at Godzilla, and pissed off a lot of lifetime Godzilla fans. Some were especially angry at Matthew Broderick’s performance, or that he exists. Maybe both? You guys tell me which. Either way, 1998’s GODZILLA left an air of disappointment, yet it was still quotable. “Gojira...Gorjia…”

Well bitches, it’s 2018! And 2018 says if that shit exists, reboot it!...To be released in 2019! (This isn't actually a reboot, I'm just making commentary on the times.) There was also a 2014 GODZILLA  with Bryan Cranston that I completely forgot existed until today.


I’ve never seen Godzilla’s atomic breath portrayed with such whimsey! You’d think it was 90s Spielberg kids movie. Though GODZILLA’S director Michael Dougherty wrote KRAMPUS, and that counts as a kids movie right? Dougherty actually co-wrote the script for GODZILLA: KING OF MONSTERS  with Max Borenstein. Borenstein is actually involved in a new GODZILLA VS. KONG movie that we’ll see in 2020!

GODZILLA: KING OF MONSTERS is set to hit theaters in May 31st, 2019!

~Big Eyes


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