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‘Spock Is Linked To These Signals – And He Needs Help!!’ Trailer For STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 2!!

I am – Hercules!!

I do hope Captain Pike is bringing over new uniforms so the crew can scurry about in clothes that don’t look like dogshit!

“Star Trek Discovery” showrunners were fired five episodes into season two. This footage presumably came from the episodes they oversaw.

We know that fans will see Spock as a boy this season, but there's no word on casting an adult Spock.

The people who play Spock's parents in the Bad Robot Trek movies are not the same actors who play Spock's parents in "Discovery," so it's far from a done deal that Zachary Quinto will pop up when the show resumes next year.

CBS All Access also announced today that it would air monthly 15-minute shorts focusing on Harry Mudd, Cadet Tilly and Commander Saru, among others.

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