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One of the years best films, MINDING THE GAP, now has a trailer!

First-time feature filmmaker Bing Liu's sublime documentary MINDING THE GAP has been playing the festival circuit since late last year and has been winning accolades and near-universal praise since its first screening. 
This film about young men coping with painful pasts and uncertain futures is one of the years best documentaries and possibly at year-end will be considered one of the best films period from 2018. I know out of the nearly 200 films I've seen this year so far it is easily the best. This is a film that deserves your attention and soon you'll be able to see it for yourselves.
Streaming giant HULU has picked up the film (and branded it a 'HULU Original" as well). They will be releasing it onto their service August 17th. There will also be a limited theatrical release as well (no details on that are available yet though) and if you can catch this film in a theater I strongly recommend it.
To go along with the announcement of the release date, HULU has put out this trailer:

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