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IRON FIST returns for Season 2! Here's the teaser trailer!

"A war is brewing. This is my city now. It's my duty to protect it…"
Netflix's adaption of IRON FIST was by far the most criticized of all of their Marvel television productions and it was not unjustified. The plot meandered, the villains, for the most part, were weak (a college for ninjas? Really?), and the fight choreography was subpar.
It was not all bad though. The RZA directed episode 6, "Immortal Emerges from Cave", was a definite high point that really captures the feel that the show should have always had. A lot of the blame for the first seasons missteps was laid at the feet of showrunner Scott Buck (the worst seasons of DEXTER).  Buck has since been replaced by Raven Metzner (SLEEPY HOLLOW) for the upcoming season. Marvel TV head honcho Jeph Loeb stated that Metzner was the perfect choice because of his love for the character of IRON FIST and his extensive knowledge of martial arts movies.
Let's hope he's right as Danny Rand is a character perfectly suited for live action. Let's check out the teaser, shall we?

Okay. Yeah. I'll give this another chance. Word out of SDCC is that the footage shown looked promising. Here's a snippet from a report by those badasses over at SCREEN RANT:
"...the bulk of the panel was comprised of different clips from the series, all carefully chosen to demonstrate that Marvel had improved its heavily criticized fight choreography and choppy editing since season 1."
For their full report CLICK HERE
What do you guys think? Are you going to give IRON FIRST another chance or will you stick with AMC's INTO THE BADLANDS for your TV kung fu fix? Let us know!
IRON FIST Season 2 drops onto Netflix September 7th


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