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Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles coming to Hulu!

scene from INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE (1994)

Hey folks... here's a total non-surprise: Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles are coming to Hulu.  With so many great book series made into long-running series where the novels play out over seasons, this was a very easy fit, to turn the entire story of Louis, Lestat, and the survivors of Akasha into a season-by-season series. 

What's considerably less clear is who's going to run it, or how this production will survive Bryan Fuller's departure from the project six months ago. Anne's son Christopher Rice wrote the script. If Fuller couldn't find a good middle-ground with the Rice family over how to proceed. that doesn't speak well for the production.

The Rices are executive producing the series, which on the one hand, rules out any sudden dramas like the one involving Anne Rice in the weeks prior to the release of Neil Jordan's INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE (recanted as her own book was released later that week)... but it carries with it the inherent drama of the creator being involved in a medium they may not understand as well as novels.

Read all about it at The Hollywood Reporter.

-- Precious Roy

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