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Cate Shortland to direct BLACK WIDOW movie

Cate Shortland and Scarlett Johansson of BLACK WIDOW

Hey folks, it looks like Marvel Studios has finally settled on a director for their Black Widow film. Although as many as seventy directors were considered, it looks like Cate Shortland will be directing, from the Jac Schaeffer screenplay.

Shortland is known for LORE, as well as the early Sam Worthington film SOMERSAULT. Scarlet Johansson apparently lobbied hard for Shortland after seeing the well-executed female protagonist in LORE.

I definitely like the idea of Shortland bringing Black Widow out of the Avengers. I can't imagine an action-packed, popcorn BLACK WIDOW film. I'd rather someone give the Black Widow we got in AVENGERS-- the one that got Loki to give up his plans monologuing-- and the rare human we saw in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR-- something that stands outside the normal adventure fare into something worthy of Natasha's skillset, the way ANT-MAN stands out from the other hero films... but in reverse, making it much darker and edgier. (I'm also holding out hope that there's something there for Bridget Reagan as Dottie, Peggy Carter's Russian Cold War nemesis.)

Read all about Cate Shortland's new job at The Hollywood Reporter.

-- Precious Roy

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