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Evening, geeks!

Miraculously, a GOOSEBUMPS 2 has been made! Let’s take a look at the trailer!


So first thing I noticed as the elephant in the room, or lack thereof, where the heck is Jack Black? He played R.L. Stine! And that wasn’t a fat joke. He’s not listed in the IMDB for this film, I guess he left, and the trailer gives a feeling like he wanted nothing to do with the sequel. I’m talking about all of the footage that is shown from the first movie in this trailer doesn’t even have a hint of Black in it.

I watched through the first, it was very okay. Kind of like a Halloween JUMANJI. It was nice that the writers made a reference to everything GOOSEBUMPS, but I kind of wish they had stuck to one story from the books and went with that. This sequel just looks like huge rehash of the first without Jack Black! There are a lot of great stories they could have gone with from the books instead! A NIGHT IN TERROR TOWER, THE HAUNTED MASK, or HORRORLAND.

Ah, HORRORLAND, I enjoyed the living crap out of a GOOSEBUMPS PC game in the late 90s titled ESCAPE FROM HORRORLAND. They could have even loosely based the new movie off of that! I would hope that Jeff Goldblum would consider reprising his role as a vampire. Yeah… Jeff Goldblum may have pulled a David Bowie/Goblin King with that one. He hypnotizes a little girl into dancing with him, meanwhile “you” are supposed to search his pockets while he’s distracted to find something you need to escape. Some of the footage in this clip skips for some reason, but gives you enough of an idea of what seeing Jeff Goldblum was like in there.

I hope you guys enjoyed that as much as I did remembering it. I’ve been having hell getting that game to work on newer PCs, even in retro mode.

Anyways, GOOSEBUMPS: HAUNTED HALLOWEEN aka UNINSPIRED TITLE hits theaters October 12th.

~Big Eyes

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