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Sony have FAITH in Maria Melnik for the plus-sized heroine's big-screen adaptation!

Faith Herbert, from Valiant Comics' FAITH

Hey folks, some news on the Superhero front that Sony Pictures has hired "American Gods" screenwriter Maria Melnick for FAITH, an adaptation of the plus-sized Valiant superheroine. 

This is now the third Valiant Comic book that Sony is working to adapt (Bloodshot and Harbinger are already in the works). Is Sony working to build a non-Marvel continuity? No word on whether or not these series will share continuity and characters.

In a way, I'm a bit disappointed that FAITH won't be a television series. What makes Faith stand out (other than her being an inclusion icon) is her positivity, sweetness and geeky love of being a superhero. It's a shame that her story will wrap up in a two-hour film instead of a season of stories set in her world. Here's hoping Faith will show up in Bloodshot and Harbinger, to lighten the mood.

Read Deadline Hollywood's story here!

-- Precious Roy

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