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Rumor! Is there really an ALIEN series on the way?

Xenomorphs from the ALIEN series

Hey folks, Precious Roy here. There's been a rumor floating for a few months about a potential television series based on the ALIEN films. Christopher Marc at Omega Underground confirms through sources that something is in the works, and non-film related.

Now, bear in mind, that could mean video games or perhaps an MMO... but Marc seems pretty positive that, barring an unexpected event, we'll be seeing a live-action television series based on the ALIEN universe next year for the 40th anniversary of the release of ALIEN.


All of these speculations are, of course, completely at the mercy of the whim and calendar of Ridley Scott. He seems busy with other projects at the moment, but a story idea as exciting as Blomkamp's canceled ALIEN 5 concept might bring him back to the franchise to protect his legacy yet again, forestalling any other projects in the process.

While Marc offers a fairly good guess to the nature of the series-- the adventures of a Colonial Marine unit dealing with a xenomorph crisis. I'd be really up for this. My two favorite military camaraderie films happen to be ALIENS and PREDATOR; I'd love to see a series about Colonial Marines fighting Xenomorphs, and potentially Engineers. The format that I think would work especially well is the Stradley/Warner/Norwood ALIENS VS. PREDATOR setting, with a small detachment of Marines stationed on a harvesting planet dealing with an outbreak of xenomorphs, or perhaps an anthology-season concept like "American Horror Story", where very few characters survive season-to-season.

Cancer Black

I am personally hoping for a series about Cancer Black, the Weyland-Yutani secret project group that somehow got wind of David's research and has been trying to find his 'children' in the stars, and the various decent human beings (and a few villainous ones) to encounter the project in the stars. The Aliens comic series Labyrinth would be excellent source material for a solid season.

Read Christopher Marc's article here!

-- Precious Roy


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