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Freddy Beans here with a trailer for THE LAST MAN with Harvey Keitel & Hayden Christensen!

This looks fantastic!  My only worry is the lighting, I’m getting really sick of all the action happening on a black shadowed screen then later we see the lit up results.  That said, while heavily shadowed I saw all the action in this trailer clearly.  The lighting kind of reminds me of DARK CITY/BLADE RUNNER as does the post-apocalyptic feel.  

Rodrigo H. Vila, known for directing documentaries stretches himself here and enters the fiction world, pretty impressively from that trailer.  Maybe I’m uber hopeful as nothing brightens my day like a desolate movie set in a horrific world of suffering. J

If you missed it, that was wooden acting Anakin (Hayden Christensen) playing the main character Kurt impressively.  A soldier with PTSD who believes in a local messiah’s end of the world prediction.  Preparing himself to an extent he alienates everyone that cares for him.  That’s about all we know right now and I’m still intrigued.

Add in Harvey Keitel and I can’t wait for this thing.  Not sure when was the last time I saw Harvey in a big movie, it’s about time.  This also stars Marco Leonardi, Justin Kelly, Rafael Spregelburd, Fernan Miras, & Raymond E. Lee.

I even love this poster?

I know I’m hyping this thing up, I can’t help myself, I love being disappointed.

Anyone else hopeful on this one?
Til next time Kids

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