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NEON GENESIS Director Takes on INGRESS Adaptation

Evening, geeks!

The anime news just keeps on rolling in since Anime Expo! So let’s talk about INGRESS.

INGRESS was originally a mobile game from Niantic, the very same company that produced POKEMON GO! It was pretty much the same game, but without the augmented reality visuals. A map of the neighborhood where you were at would show up, and you would have to navigate with gps to find towers (instead of gyms) to take them over from the other team. The “teams” were aliens vs. humans. I spent a Summer playing it back in 2014 or 2015.

So it’s rather amusing to me that they have decided to turn INGRESS into a full on anime, and with a director that worked on a part of a reputable franchise no less! Yuhei Sakuragi, directed NEON GENESIS: IMPACTS, which is a short that follows up NEON GENESIS: EVANGELION.

According to Nerdist, the new anime is meant to expand on the lore of INGRESS with eventual plans to make a sequel to the game.

The new show will follow two characters named Makoto and Sarah. They come into contact with “exotic matter”, and receive powers of perception. Sarah gains the ability see “certain aspects of time and space”, and Makoto can see the history of objects that he touches. A battle between the Enlightened and the Resistance over “exotic matter” rages. The antagonist Jack, comes with a mysterious agenda.

~Big Eyes

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