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Donnie Yen is your BIG BROTHER!

Chalkboard poster for BIG BROTHER (Taai si hing)

Hey folks, my buddy Wheels is at work today, so I'm briefly filling in for him on the martial arts front. Here's a trailer we haven't featured yet, for BIG BROTHER (Taai si hing)!

Written and directed by Ka-Wai Kam, BIG BROTHER stars Donnie Yen, Ray Lui, Joe Chen, and Kang Yu. The story is about a soldier who becomes a teacher in a poor neighborhood, where the harshness of their reality, corruption of the spirit, and government bureaucracy make it difficult for students to achieve. The teacher must fight for the hearts and minds of these kids the system has given up on, as well as literally fighting the street element that exploits them.

Donnie Yen in BIG BROTHER (2018)

This earlier trailer is a little more into the evolution of the story and what it's about:

BIG BROTHER open in theaters in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore on August 16th; no word yet on U.S. distribution, but Wheels will keep us posted!

-- Precious Roy

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