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NIGHTBREED Finds A New Home At SyFy!!!!

The rebuilding of a new Midian has been a slow journey of development throughout the years. Whispers are spreading that the new incarnation of NIGHTBREED might be taking place where the 90's film left off with Boone finding the underworld dwellers known as the Nightbreed a new home. SyFy will be Clive Barker’s cult classic monster's new boon according to a  Deadline report. It will be penned by Josh Stolberg (JIGSAW), and production by Barker and Morgan Creek. The TV series has been languishing in development purgatory since 2014.
 The tale of monstrous metaphysical outsiders fighting for their lives against the sprawling dominion of humanity captured the minds and hearts of horror fans as an instant cult classic. It had everything- Cool looking unique monsters about as cool as Hellraiser provided us (Though his work in HELLRAISER was groundbreaking and set the stage visionarily for the next few decades), humans reflecting the true monsters, David Cronenberg playing a serial killer pscyciatrist, but even though it had so many fun elements weaved together, the original Nightbreed was still a huge flop. As a sad result, this was one of the final nails in the coffin ending Barker's arduous career as a director. Afterward, LORD OF ILLUSIONS did about as bad moneywise at the box-office and his last film- CLIVE BARKER'S SALOME & THE FORBIDDEN went straight to video. 
-MAD DASHIELL'S SPACE FOR RANT: I am a massive Barker fan and yes also a huge Nightbreed fan of coarse. Cabal was a great read, I have the tattered comics that ran the characters different stories after the film. They mention fun things that embellish the mythos like the Cenobites and Nightbreed were at war. They even made a comic line to follow that was called- Hellraiser vs Nightbreed: Jihad. They weren't great but they were something to try to satiate the lust for more of those monsters tales. The comics were all we had so I am hoping for the new run on TV with these characters to hopefully be something truly amazing. It will have to capture the horrors of modern humanity to keep the heart and soul alive and that is the kind of entertainment we need right now I think. May the deity Baphomet will it so, onward to Midian!

 Art Credit: Dulce Brassea
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