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Michael Douglas Vs. Ronald McDeadpool Vs. Aliens(?) in ANIMAL WORLD

Morning, geeks!

I found myself awake way too early this morning, early enough to hallucinate this madness. Ya see there’s this clown that sort of resembles Ronald McDonald, but he slices people and aliens up like he’s Deadpool. Ronald McDeadpool, and Netflix acquired rights to it. I’M NOT CRAZY, YOU’RE CRAZY! LOOK. LOOK AT IT!


Though produced by Chinese studio Enlight Pictures, ANIMAL WORLD was adapted from a popular Japanese manga called ULTIMATE SURVIVOR KAIJI, according to Hollywood Reporter, and a number of other websites-- and I am REALLY questioning if that is true. I haven’t seen the anime ULTIMATE SURVIVOR KAIJI, but I have seen clips and I’ve seen pictures around anime forums. The main character looks like an anime version of Butthead with a mullet, and there are no clowns involved. In fact, ULTIMATE SURVIVOR KAIJI is a gambling anime. The two movie adaptations were also like the anime and manga. Here’s a trailer for that show:


As you can see, it has nothing to do with Ronald McDeadpool. I think someone got their wires crossed and misinformation spread like wildfire on that, including whoever reuploaded this trailer and added potentially wrong information in the description of the video on YouTube. And if you’re iffy about the wording on the title being not the same thing, please go figure out how ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL and BATTLE ANGEL: ALITA are of different source materials for me. (Hint: they're not.)

So, yeah. I can’t tell you what the hell the premise of ANIMAL WORLD is. From what I can tell from the trailer, a kid dresses up like Ronald McDeadpool and fights aliens and Michael Douglas is somehow involved.

It opens China June 29th. It first premiered at the Shanghai International Film Festival with positive reviews.


ANIMAL WORLD is coming to Netflix… probably in the fourth quarter, or early next year. That’s about as long as it normally takes for movies to migrate from Asia to the U.S.

~Big Eyes


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