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UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB offers a supernaturally-free plot

Hey folks... there's a trailer for UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB!

The original dealt with an angry ghost dealing with the clique that humiliated her and led her to suicide. This one doesn't appear to be supernatural, focusing instead on shady people instead of phantom shadows.
Like the original, the story unfolds in a Skype call between a group of friends. The plot involves a honey trap of a brand new laptop found at work that someone takes home. The 'new owner' of the dodgy laptop discovers a lot of dodgy contents related to the 'dark web' o the misbegotten laptop, including human trafficking. Also as in the first movie, an unknown entity forces their way into this private chat and announces they are the owner of the laptop. One by one, the friends are hunted or watch loved ones killed for their involvement in the theft, as it turns out that a large crowd of people has been watching this group since the moment the laptop was used to connect to them.
That's not actually impossible; someone with the time and inclination could probably create this scenario. I'm not sure leaving evidence of human trafficking on a laptop you are using as bait makes sense, though. Or that a group of conspirators would bother to track down and hunt these kids for sport, given that they had no reasonable idea of who would claim the laptop-- not exactly the greatest recruitment method for human trafficking or for general deviltry.
UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB is in theaters July 20th.
-- Precious Roy
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