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Tim Burton's "DUMBO" Poster Swoops Into AICN's Heart!

Hola Dannie aqui,

Today with the new poster for Tim Burton's latest live-action revamp of "DUMBO!" Above I tacked on a fantastic Czech Film Poster for the original Dumbo 70's rerelease, by the talented artist Maciej Hibner from way back in 1971, I had never seen it so I figured I would share! Words can not express my love for the original Dumbo; I am both petrified and excited to see where Burton will take us. The original had some very dark moments, especially when they ...

SPOILER ahead, if you have never seen the original DUMBO! Just look at the pretty new poster!




When they take Dumbo's Mom away, it makes everyone with a heart and soul blubber for an animated family torn. I remember when I first watched the film with my son, who had never cried during a movie he must have been 2-3 years old. Not only did he cry, but he was infuriated at the thought someone could ever separate a Mother from her child. He screamed at our T.V. "Nooo! Mama their taking Dumbos Momma! She was protecting him! Why are they so mean?" This reaction made Mommy me very happy and was proof that my kid was emotionally speaking, having the correct response. I love that they kept the Mama's lullaby, and love how they used it in the trailer. 

Here is the trailer I speak of for those of you who may have missed it!

I also collect all things elephant. Why? Simple, at a Barnum & Baileys Circus at around the age of 5 I was feeding an elephant hay through the bars of its pen. The elephant wrapped its trunk around my hand and picked me straight up into the air, then carefully sat me down. Between that experience and Dumbo I was hooked on the gentle giants, and like an elephant I never forgot. 

I am so eager to see this film, what will Burton do? Will he make this a commentary reacting to the use of animals in circuses?  I am guessing the crow characters will be cut due to the cultural insensitivity and our modern eye, but maybe they will keep them and change the overall tone of the characters? I love that in the trailer we get a glimpse of the drunken pink elephant scene, nice to see they kept it. Overall I am very stoked to see this tribute and March 29th, is just so far away, this is going to tease me to death! What do you all think?

Stay Strong, Live Good, Love Movies!

Dannie aka Pekosa Peligrosa




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