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Trailer for the Russian film FURIOUS has Mongol hordes & a raging bear!

Freddy Beans here;

With a trailer for a pretty epic looking 13th century battle between the Mongols and the Russians called FURIOUS.

What do you think?

I still must be stuck in the GAME OF THRONES world as the entire time I watched this I was thinking to myself – Winter, is coming.

The movie is based on a real story here.  Where, Evpaty Kolovrat avenged the destruction of Ryazan, by Batu Khan, in December 1237.  Evpaty gathered the remaining survivors, for a counter attack on the rear guard of Batu Khan’s retreating army, completely annihilating it.  Batu Khan sent a much larger force in response to capture Evpaty, led by his kin Khostovrul.  That failed however as Khostovrul was split into two by Evpaty in a sword duel.  The legend goes he was cutting down the entire Khan army on his own before they backed off and finished Evpaty with stone launchers.

All that is to say FURIOUS sounds like a GAME OF THRONES version of 300. 

What’s not to like, besides the subtitles for some here?

A man, fighting for his country, against insurmountable odds and surpassing all expectations, to ultimately end up respected by the enemies that kill him.  
FURIOUS is directed by the tandem of Dzhanik Fayziev, & Ivan Shurkhovetskiy.  It’s also written by Dmitriy Paltsev, Dmitriy Raevskiy, Evgeniy Raevskiy, and Sergey Yudakov.  That was a mouthful. J

I love epic war films.  I could care less if they’re based on actual history or not, yet knowing this one is semi legit makes me want to learn about this fall of Ryazan and the birth of a legend.

The sets in this are eye stealing, the little action they show looks fantastic, I love the story, count me as sold folks.


Til next time Kids

Freddy Beans

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