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A Live-Action AEON FLUX From MTV?!

Afternoon, geeks.

I haven’t watched MTV in a million years because there really hasn’t been anything good on it since the early 2000s (DARIA), but it looks like I may need to give it another look again since a live-action AEON FLUX television series is in the works!

The new live-action show is based on the animation AEON FLUX, which was about a young assassin in a dystopian world that teams up with a bunch of biohackers, becoming a hero and saving the world.

The original animated version of AEON FLUX first aired on MTV back in 1991, from the artist and creator Peter Chung. It was aired as a six part series of shorts, and then it returned in 1992 with five more shorts. When 1995 rolled around, the show moved on to actual 30 minute episodes! A decade later, we got the 2005 AEON FLUX live action movie that acquired some not so great reviews, while the animation still has a great rating across the web.

Around 2003, we also got REIGN THE CONQUEROR aired on Adult Swim, briefly, also by Chung. From what I recall it was a good show and I enjoyed it!

Anyways, the new television series will be written and executive produced by “Teen Wolf” showrunner Jeff Davis. Gale Anne Hurd of the WALKING DEAD, who also produced the live-action movie is also executive producing the new show.

According to Hollywood Reporter, a formal announcement from MTV is expected in the next few days!

~Big Eyes

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