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Sam Raimi may be taking Deadpool's smart ass to the Bermuda Triangle!!! We win!


Freddy Beans here;

With an exclusive this morning from, regarding Sam Raimi’s next movie BERMUDA TRIANGLE. 

It’s been 5 years since Sam has directed OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, which I’m still not sure what to think of if I’m to be honest.  Five years is too long to go without a Sam Raimi vision on the screen quite frankly.  The plot on this one sounds pretty interesting and up Sam’s visonary alley.

An enormous nuclear sub lost to the Bermuda Triangle at sea is investigated.  One of the team, a theoretical physicist opens a wormhole using his grand pappy’s research and viola there’s the Bermuda Triangle lost and found kiosk.  A mysterious island full of all things lost in the Bermuda Triangle. (Sharks, Vikings, Nazi's and more) The team’s goal is to find the nuclear weapons on the sub in this mysterious world.


Big surprise, Ryan Reynolds is headlining this thing.  For those that don’t know him yet your agoraphobia is really acting up.  It’s a no brainer though, the guy has been solid gold since THE GREEN LANTERN.  He’s also over time perfected that Jason Bateman snarky yet fun persona, and made it all his own.


Shooting begins in September and should wrap in October.

Raimi is directing BERMUDA TRIANGLE off a script by John Gatniss. Annihilation’s Don Granger, David Ellison & Dan Goldberg will produce.

Anyone else excited to see another Sam Raimi flick?
This one sounds more adventure themed with tinges of darkness.  Personally, I love Sam’s horror movies the most as they’re usually dark as hell mixed with all kinds of bizarre humor that just works.  So I’m hoping he goes dark here and has a big team investigating so we can watch them fall one by one to the wolves.  


Til next time Kids

Freddy Beans

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