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Major Animu Update! ATTACK ON TITAN 3 Coming to Theaters?? And a Teaser for Live-Action NARUTO!

Morning, geeks!

Sorry I have been a bit absent, been a bit under the weather, but I’m still writing!

First off, it looks like ATTACK ON TITAN Season 3 is finally coming out, and it will be making anime history! ATTACK ON TITAN Season 3 will be making its North American premiere IN THEATERS across 130 locations in the United States and Canada July 10th and 11th. July 10 has an additional feature to the premiere: the film recap of season 2, ATTACK ON TITAN: THE ROAR OF AWAKENING.

To get tickets, you can find them in the near future at



I don’t think after the not-so-great release of the live-action FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, that not too many people (at least in the U.S) are into the idea of a release of a live-action NARUTO play, but it’s happening! Check out freshly released teaser here!


The fuck is going with Sasuke’s face? It looks like they’re definitely going with NARUTO SHIPUUDEN characters, straight up skipping the original NARUTO series, where Naruto and his friends are adults. It also looks like they are going with some very traditional stylization of the characters for the live-action film itself as well. If that is so, I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to be Jiraiya in the photo on the top right.

This is not to be confused with the live-action NARUTO movie that is coming up. We will share updates on that as they come out!

~Big Eyes


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