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HOW TO TRAIN YOU DRAGON 3: HIDDEN WORLD Reveals New Poster and Trailer Release!

Marnin, geeks!

Dreamworks just dropped a poster yesterday for HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3: HIDDEN WORLD, and it's quite appealing!

We get our first look at the white Night Fury dragon that is pretty obviously Toothless' love interest. The background is looking like an ambient psychedelic forest, like something out of AVATAR, or the Dwemer underground village from SKYRIM. It's beautiful! Perhaps they travel to a hidden land to find this new white Night Fury.

Everything is looking cool and great until you get to the awful words that say "NEXT SPRING".


 MOTHER @#$%@B %@#$#$@^@#$%^ *&^%#!!!!!

It's alright. I'm cool. We're cool. Everybody's cool.

At the very least, it was also announced that we'll get to see the first trailer next week. More like HOW TO TRAIN YOUR ANIMATION BLUE BALLS!

I rewatched the first HTTYD yesterday. Has anybody else noticed what a horrible father and human being Stoic is to Hiccup? Or how that Toothless goes out of his way to teach people emotional lessons? Things I didn't catch way back in 2010. I'll rewatch HTTYD 2, I wonder if the scenery within this poster is of that same place they found the alpha Dragon, but I have a feeling it's different. 

~Big Eyes

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