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Check out this UPGRADE, Pretty Damn Sure You're Gonna Wanna See It!

Freddy Beans here,

With a trailer for the new action, comedy, sci-fi, horror film UPGRADE.  Holy hell that’s a lot of dramas.  Do we have a record GUINESS???.  In the immortal words of Vader “Impressive!  Most impressive!”

I’m in love.  I absolutely need STEM in my life now.  That’s the enhancement he speaks to before kicking all kinds of Remo Williams/Matrix style ass.  

Actor Leigh Whannell directs what will be his second film after INSIDIOUS 3.  I’m a bit of a fan of Logan Marshall-Green who leads here.  Good luck sir, I am super hoping this movie is as much a good time as it looks.  My friend says it screams HARDCORE HENRY when he saw it but I’m not getting that at all myself.  Of course I likened it to Remo Williams so there is that.

Anyone else geeking out over this trailer like I am?

I can only hope it’s as ridiculous as it looks yet stays serious within the world it showcases too, so it resonates.  I could see this running sequels if successful.  There are not enough mindless action films out there.  Ahem of quality!

Til next time kids

Freddy beans

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