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One MULE for brother Bradley!

Hey gang-- looks like Bradley Cooper is in talks to act opposite Clint Eastwood in a movie Eastwood is both starring and directing, THE MULE.

If the talks are successful, this will be the second outing for Eastwood and Cooper, who were director and lead in AMERICAN SNIPER. The plot centers around an older man facing foreclosure on his business who takes on some cross-border shipping to make money, only to discover he's working for a drug cartel. If Cooper joins, he will be playing the DEA agent on Eastwood's trail. Amazingly, THE MULE is based on real person, Leo Sharp, who at 90 was a war hero and a horticulturist before shockingly becoming a drug mule.

There's a similar balance in the plot to ABSOLUTE POWER, a recurring theme in Eastwood's work of wrong men getting right outside of the rules, with Cooper playing the Ed Harris detective just on Eastwood's heels... but given Eastwood's track record for surprise tragedies (GRAN TORINO, AMERICAN SNIPER), it's anyone's guess what Eastwood will bring to the table.

Read the full story here at The Hollywood Reporter!

-- Precious Roy

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