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We have a trailer for THE LOST VIKING, are you not entertained?

Freddy Beans here,

Looks good right?  

Be forewarned these are the type of movies I am a sucker for.  Epics made to tell a protagonists tale of resolve over a backdrop of hardship.  And after reading the synopsis on IMDB to this film it doesn’t look like it will disappoint.  
"A young Viking called Vitharr arrives in Britain with dreams of conquest and adventure, but when his family and clan are ambushed and killed, he must survive alone in this strange, dangerous new land as he searches for his Uncle's settlement."
We don’t get enough sword battling movies if you ask me. 



Lately, I have to wait for the next GAME OF THRONES season to satisfy my needs.  

The actors look their part in this trailer.  I am especially enjoying the mad king Joffrey (James Groom?) looking kid in this.  The trailer is a bit crazy, hard to follow, and quantify, yet I think it works pretty well at drumming curiosity.  What else do you want in a trailer?  

I know some will be weary of a slow pace.  Personally, I don’t need action the entire film, as long as when it hits its real and makes me feel the results in the marrow of me bones.  Not too much to ask for is it?

VALHALLA RISING was the last one of these I fell in love with. 


That one centered a bit more on the Crusades.  I was already going to enjoy that film though as I was a lover of the PUSHER series.  Its director Nicolas Winding Refn can do no wrong for me.  BRONSON is another underseen gem by him.  He seems to have finally reached the mass audiences with DRIVER, then threw that away for one I can’t wait to see the NEON DEMON.

Here’s hoping Emmet Commins can begin a similar rise with this one.  Though I have to say that poster looks a lot more like a teen lit novel than the great epic film I can’t wait to see.  Thankfully the trailer reeled me in before I saw the poster.

Til next time Kids

Freddy Beans

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