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VENTURE BROS, SHE-RA, And Other Animated Series To Look Forward to in the Rest of 2018!

Morning, geeks!

I’ve decided to compile a list of the awesome upcoming animated shows for later this year, in case you’ve missed them. I know I’ve found myself down thinking there wasn’t any other thing to watch and look forward to, but fear not! We have a great list ahead!


I’m sure some of you have been on top of this show, BOJACK HORSEMAN is fucking great!

The show takes place in a world much like our own, yet humans live alongside anthropomorphized animals such as cats, dogs, and horses who all stand up right and have the mind of any normal human, which adds a mildly surrealistic element to the show. BOJACK HORSEMAN like any great show, holds a good balance between comedy and drama, knowing just when to let up the tension.

The main character, Bojack, is a (horse)man in his 50s who used to star in a famous sitcom in the 90s. He’s a stubborn alcoholic who is stuck in the glory days of the show, but things turn around when he gets a ghostwriter to interview him to write his “tell all autobiography”. Bojack is a shitty guy who makes shitty, selfish decisions. In his heart, he’s trying to be a better person, and is only acting out what life has given him. Trying to be a better person doesn’t mean that he won’t still fuck up royally at times, and past comes to bite Bojack in the ass, making his attempts at changing more difficult.

BOJACK HORSEMAN makes a huge point about how life isn’t like a 90s sitcom, and things don’t just wrap up neatly at the end of 30 minutes. Life goes on, and it’s complicated. The show is just so good, but I will warn you it can either help or worsen someone dealing with depression. I had a friend who stopped watching because it was starting to give him an existential crisis. Powerful. If you keep watching, the good messages are there.

No official date has been released just yet, but BOJACK HORSEMAN Season 5 is expected to premier on Netflix later this year. If they keep up with the dates other seasons came out, we can probably expect to see it by the end of August or mid-September.

---STEVEN UNIVERSE...The Rest of Season 5?

I suppose I should explain this show since it’s not necessarily popular with adult males over 35, yet MY LITTLE PONY was--what the fuck you guys. Anyways, STEVEN UNIVERSE is a show created by a 90s weeaboo named Rebecca Sugar who grew up and got her own anime. She chose to make her “anime” about a magical boy named Steven, basing his image off of her little brother.

Steven was born with a gem in his belly button and a magical destiny. He lives with the Crystal Gems, who are unaging (but not immortal) aliens who have gems on their bodies too. They are all that remains of the Gem War that happened on Earth thousands of years ago, and they’re still picking up the pieces. On top of that, the opposing side is still out to get them. STEVEN UNIVERSE has a very engaging, and at times dark, story, and the kind of character development you wouldn’t expect at all coming from a Cartoon Network prime time show. The character development makes for a more relatable and therefore better show by covering issues like obsession, abuse, toxic relationships, and understanding it all.

And yes, the show is pro LGBT as you’ve heard, but it is not as obnoxiously preachy about it as some of the terrible fans can be in places like Tumblr. The show in fact just treats it as a normalcy without even addressing it. That is what true progress looks like: treating an issue like it isn’t an exception and not jamming ideals down anyone’s throats.

Cartoon Network makes it really hard to tell what season it even is on when they only drop 1-5 episodes every two to four months. We’re currently up to 18 episodes in this season, when the other seasons had about 25 and for some reason Season 1 had 50. In the last episode that aired “A Single Pale Rose” we some heavy details revealed, making it even harder for the fans to wait for more.  Supposedly the show is coming “back” again in June. Will get get another two episodes this time, I wonder?

---VENTURE BROS Season 7

HOOBOY I know we’re all excited for this one! This show is a ton of fandoms wrapped up in a knock-off parody of Johnny Quest, dripping with 80s nostalgia. For god sakes David Bowie is an important character in it! Not to be misleading, Bowie was not voiced by the real David Bowie. The writers are just big fans of his. I was rewatching some episodes the other day, you wouldn’t believe how I lost my shit when they named dropped AIN’T IT COOL NEWS! I would love to interview Doc Hammer or Jackson Publick about their upcoming season, ya hear me guys?!

VENTURE BROS has built itself a rich world out of cartoon and comic fandoms, and has evolved so naturally over the seasons. I love that they finally moved the family away from the compound in the last season and things are changing.

It was announced back in September 2017 that Season 7 was coming! According to Cinemablend the release date of November 11th, 2018 was announced in bump on Adult Swim. It will have been over two years since Season 6 came out.

---ADVENTURE TIME sadly, ending

After eight years and a whopping 10 seasons during that time, the show is sadly ending. We will see ADVENTURE TIME end this year! It looks like there are about four episodes left to air.

While ADVENTURE TIME had some amazing stories to tell, there were also entertaining bits of filler too. Some arcs I go back to watch in their entirety, like the history of Ice King, Finn going to meet his long lost dad (oh the tears), and even the aftermath of that. Touching, moving. It will be a shame that the show will be coming to an end, but as all great things must do and blah blah blah. Or they could just keep it going for 30 years and let it degrade into complete garbage like THE SIMPSONS? I don’t think so!

I had an email exchange with creator Pendleton Ward a long time ago, while he was still working on THE MISADVENTURES OF FLAPJACK and before ADVENTURE TIME came into fruition. This was about 2008? I vaguely remember him responding to me with an idea of a comic about a man standing on top of his hummer fighting off zombies. Because Ward was really into zombies then. He seems like a fun guy, I’d like to chat with him sometime in person. A girl dream.

When the last few episodes will air on Cartoon Network have not just yet been announced.

---SHE-RA 2018

Netflix announced back in December 2017 that they purchased episodes a SHE-RA reboot that is due to premier later this year! Honestly, I was too young to see the original when it was new. However I have seen some of old HE-MAN and the reboot of that. I’m interested in learning or about Prince Adam’s sister. Just looking at this cast, it looks like 80s/90s magical girls anime threw up on it and I’m way into it!

Anything else worth talking about that I missed? Let me know! 

Until next time, geeks!

~Big Eyes


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