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MILE 22! Wahlberg, Cohen, Rousey!



Hey folks... here's the trailer for MILE 22, a Peter Berg film written by Lea Carpenter and Graham Roland, starring Mark Wahlberg, Lauren Cohen, and Rhonda Rousey.

It looks like MILE 22 is the story of a CIA black-ops unit working to get the hidden location of 9 lbs. of plutonium from a prisoner being targeted by assassins, in an intentionally vague southeast Asian country. The prisoner makes a deal: he'll tell what he knows if the team can get him out of the country. Wahlberg's team must get him to an extraction point to prevent terrorists from getting the goods.

Love Peter Berg films, it's cool to see Cohen out of THE WALKING DEAD, and I wouldn't mind seeing Wahlberg and Rousey teamed up with her to stamp out terrorism.

MILE 22 is out August 3rd!

-- Precious Roy

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