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‘They Weren’t Building Hosts!!’
Herc Says Tonight’s WESTWORLD Is The Series’ Best This Year!!

I am – Hercules!!

Westworld 2.4 FAQ

What’s it called?
“The Riddle of the Sphinx.”

Who’s responsible?
Lisa Joy directs from a teleplay by Gina Atwater & Jonathan Nolan.

What says HBO?
“Is this now? If you’re looking forward, you’re looking in the wrong direction.”

Do we finally go to Shogun World this week?
Not this week. Next week’s episode is titled “Welcome to Shogun World.”

How does this week’s episode start?
It reminds me of the second season opener of “Lost.” A famous pop song plays. A man pedals a stationary bicycle. (Remember that J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot produces “Westworld.”)

The big news?
2.4 is much better than next week’s 2.5, if you’re asking me. This episode could be the most important of the whole series.

What else is HBO not telling us?
A major character we’ve not seen since 2016 returns this week.

What’s good?
The little Mexican girl. The paper in William’s pocket. Peter Mullen. Angela Sarafyan. Katja Herbers. The complete absence of Maeve and Dolores, who grow more tiresome by the week. “What would they want with the guests?” “I’m not looking to get out of here.” “Would you like to go ahead and terminate, sir?” “They weren’t building hosts.” “One good deed doesn’t change that.”

What’s not so good?
The gaming adventures of Old William and Lawrence continue to manifest mostly an unwelcome and tedious distraction.

How does it end, spoiler boy?
A girl on horseback greets her father.

9 p.m. Sunday. HBO.

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